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Featured Article - Winter 2016

9 Steps to Recover from Worry and Anxiety Attacks, Part 2 by Rachel @ Christian Mommies

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Notable Updates

2015 - The forums are now hosted at Something may be coming of the dashless soon as well!

Spring 2013 - I've started to post to our Facebook page finally. Besides posting featured articles, I mostly post scriptural graphics (only those shared from ORIGINAL sources) and occasionally graphics original to C'Mommies.

February 2013 - We have a new site layout. It isn't designed for mobile devices, but it solved the worst issues we had with the old layout (one couldn't even see our content on most mobile devices!)

October 2012 - We've switched over to a mobile friendlier, Facebook integrated forum! As the URL suggests, this is the 5th version of our forums since Christian Mommies began in 2001!

April 2011 - With the help of one beloved C'Mom and the perfect timing of coming online, we added a Spanish version of C'Moms! We also set up a Facebook group for Mamás Cristianas, so Spanish speaking C'Moms would have a forum platform without the language barrier.

Circa 2010 - We moved all content to the main site here to simplify, and we redirected that URL here. The original articles from that sister site are now hosted here: check out the original content from!

2001 - founded.

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