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Daycare Questionnaire

Daycare form and 10 Questions to Ask a Childcare Provider.

Daycare Name:


Monthly Cost: Infant________  Toddler________ School Age______

Hour of Operation:_______________________________________

Staff and Policy:
Is the facility licensed? Yes___ No___
What is the staff/child ratio? _____________
Are parents able to drop in any time? Yes___ No___
Are staff trained in early childhood education? Yes___ No___
Do staff attend training sessions throughout the year? Yes___ No___
Are staff CPR certified? Yes___ No___
Are others, besides staff, allowed on premises? Yes___ No___
Does the facility have a USDA food program? Yes___ No___
Is there a childcare policy handbook or packet you can take with you? ( This should outline sick child policies/procedures, late fees, etc.) Yes___ No___

Tour the Building:

Are the electrical outlets covered? Yes___ No___
Are electrical cords out of reach? Yes___ No___
Are the smoke detectors operational? Yes___ No___
Are there fire extinguishers in each room? Yes___ No___
Are fire escape plans posted? Yes___ No___
Are there safety gates up in appropriate places i.e., the stairs, open doors? Yes___ No___
Are cleaning supplies and dangerous substances locked away? Yes___ No___
Is the outdoor play area fenced? Yes___ No___
Is there soap and paper towels at the children's sink? Yes___ No___
Is the outdoor play equipment free from rust and protruding objects? Yes___ No___
Is the outdoor play equipment sturdy? Yes___ No___
Are weapons kept on premises? Yes___ No___

Observe the child/worker interaction

Are there separate spaces for the infants and toddlers? Yes___ No___
Are the toys and materials age appropriate for each age group? Yes___ No___
Do the children seemed busy and engaged in their activities? Yes___ No___
Are workers taking care of crying/upset children in a caring and sensitive manner? Yes___ No___
Are the workers handling conflict among the children in a positive manner? Yes___ No___
Do the workers seem patient and receptive to the needs of children? Yes___ No___
Do the workers wash their hands after changing diapers and taking a toddler to the toilet? Yes___ No___
Do the workers have the toddlers wash their hands after using the toilet? Yes___ No___

10 Questions to Ask a Childcare Provider

1)How long have you been a provider?

2)What are your qualifications?

3)Is your facility or home licensed by the state?

4)Will you provide me with at least 3 references?

5)Why did you become a daycare provider?

6)What is your discipline philosophy?

7)What has been your staff's turnover the past year?

8)Am I able to drop in at anytime?

9)What other adults will be around my child?

10)What is the worker/child ratio? (The American Public Health Association/American Academy of Pediatrics(APHA/AAP) recommends the following ratios: 0-24 months: 3 to 1 / 25-30 months: 4 to1 / 31-35 months: 5 to1)

The information is free to reprint in any format provided the information at the bottom, including this, remains intact. Reprinted from Single Parent Central, which offers information and resources to single parent families.


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