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Protect you Family from Internet Pimps

By Rachel Lower

Picture the internet as a real place you can walk around, jogging up and down each street or field... Is it the safest most appealing, pleasant city in the world that your are imagining? Is it a valley full of exotic flowers, next to a rain forest, next to a beautiful canyon? We often first get the internet under the impression it is safe, fun and educational, brilliant and friendly. And then the day comes when our internet-innocence is shattered... when we see the "bad part of town". Unfortunately the lines are blurred and you could be in the prettiest part of the internet only to find a nasty surprise jumping out at you. How can you protect your family from one of the worst evils on the net -- pornography and its pushers?

Case #1 - The worst kind of spam...

You are used to spam, "FREE" spam... "100% FREE" spam... "GET YOUR" spam... "WIN" spam... and the one day not long after the MLM and the free vacation emails you find one titled "HOT GIRLS" spam from "Good Clean Porn", if I ever heard an oxymoron that is it. It starts downloading -- a graphical email -- pictures of "hot girls". You are shocked, because not only do your and your husband use this inbox but so do your 15, 11, and 9 year old sons. MLM spam may be annoying and useless, but pornographic spam is down right evil. "Sending porno spam to eight year old's inboxes every day, the porn pimps of the internet...!" They should be in jail, but they aren't. They are all over the www. What can we do about spam in all of its forms?

Case #2 - No wonder it is often called "the net"...

Your child is doing a report on Japan. She is especially interested in what girls her age are up to on the other side of the world. She types in, logically, "japanese girls". She clicks on the first link, which takes her to a page full of dirty links and pictures of underage (or seemingly so) asian girls doing whatever the porn pimps make them do these days. Your teenage son stumbles upon a porn site. Soon he finds himself going to the quite often, first out of curiosity, then out of compulsion. He quickly becomes addicted and will struggle with it for many years to come. A boy in America kills his young neighbor girl, bewildering everyone. Later they find a truckload of pornographic links in his 'history' file, some to quite sadistic sites. Puzzle solved, one kid dead and one sitting in prison. (That is a true story I watched on a news program.) Children are being violated by or trapped in the net of internet pornography websites. So are husbands. Ruining marriages. Leading men astray. In fact, grown women are falling into the trap as well. How do we keep the sickness from entering our home through the computer?

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She was 15 when someone chatted with her about sex, started asking for pictures... He used his son that was her age to get to her. He even described to her how he molested his own daughter. He sent her porn. And no one was the wiser. In the chat rooms, in email... they are our there. Pedophiles. They are SICK and full of SIN and they want your children. How do you keep your children safe? The #1 advantage predators have is that most parents have been unaware of the danger out there. You have to share the following with your children. Their life could very well depend on it.

© Rachel


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