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Venturing Outside of Your Comfort Zone

By Maria Gracia

We live a life of choices. If you had a choice between comfort and risk, which would you take?

Most people would choose comfort.

Comfort is the familiar and the well-known. Our comfort zone is our personal area of thoughts and actions within which we feel comfortable and safe.

Anything we haven't thought or done, something new, lies outside the parameters of our comfort zone. When we think or do these things long enough, we often feel uncomfortable. And, after feeling uncomfortable, we sometimes get discouraged and tend to give up before ever starting something new.

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Of course, to accomplish something new, to reach our goals and to achieve our dreams, we're required to venture outside of our comfort zone.

You have the power to achieve your dreams. It's your choice. It's completely up to you, and no one else.

You can choose to leave your comfort zone, and spend your time fulfilling your dreams and goals.

Or, you can remain within your comfort zone, and spend your time doing something else; something that has nothing to do with your dreams or goals.

Contemplate this point. The achievement of your goals and dreams is completely up to you.

© Maria Gracia
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