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V-Day Tips from C'Moms Members

By C'Moms Members

Here are a few best ever Valentines day memories from C'Moms Members:

"After our son was born we started a tradition of having a romantic dinner at home. I usually buy a couple really nice steaks and some good veggies. Hubby helps with picking out a dessert and a romantic movie. We have a snack with the kids at dinner time, but after they go to bed we cook our steaks together, set the table with candles and sparkling cider, and have a nice dinner together. Then we cuddle on the couch for our movie. After the movie there may be lingerie involved! Last years V-day was awesome because we had received a fondue pot for Christmas, so dessert was really yummy. We did chocolate fondue with fruit and cake. I think we watched 50 First Dates."

"My best V day may still be coming...I will take a pregnancy test Feb 13!! hopefully a V day gift for DH..don't think I can beat that! He does not know that is suppose to be the time I test."

"Last year will be hard to top for us. We went to Orlando on one of his business trips, and spent V. day in Walt Disney World, just me and him!"

"My dh and I met online. After talking for months I finally flew to TN to meet him in person. I arrived the day after Christmas and stayed for two weeks. We fell more in love then we already were so I decided that I was moving to TN. I spent the next few weeks at home getting my things moved into storage. When I flew back to TN it was Valentines Day. When my dh picked me up from the airport it was late and we had a long drive so we had planned on staying in a hotel for the night. Little did I know dh had already been there and set up the room with roses and soft lights. There was an adorable little Teddy Bear sitting on the couch wearing a gold and ruby necklace and matching earrings (ruby is my birth stone). It was so sweet I almost cried. Anyway, that's our best Valentine's Day!"

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"Our wedding anniversary is Feb 16th, so we celebrate the two together. This year we are going to a hotel overnight, and we made reservations at a nice restaurant. It will be our first night away from our dd since she was born and she is 9 months old now! Doesn't that sound pathetic?! We can't wait! We'll actually get to sleep in!"

"We got takeaway pizzas and had a picnic with them (keep in mind it's summer down here (Australia) for Valentine's Day)
Then, dh (who was my fiancÚ at the time) drove me 1 1/2 hours out of Sydney to show me where he used to go for holidays when he was little. We drove around a beachside holiday location, with dh showing me where his family stayed when he was little. He showed me the shop he used to buy lollies from. He showed me the public phone he used to call me from when we were dating and he was away with his family.
It was the sweetest Valentines ever. It gave me such a wonderful look into his childhood memories.
Simple, but unforgettable."

"Our best Valentines Day was the one when my husband proposed. We had been dating for 5 years and we lived in a little tiny apartment. (I know we were living in sin, but that was before I knew Christ.) I was going to dental assistant school and I didn't get home till after 10 that night. He has our little table set up for a candle light dinner. The ring was in a box of those cheap chocolates. I was so excited. I was still wearing my scrubs and I looked a mess, but didn't care."

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