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Things Not to Believe

By Joyce C. Lock

"Let babies cry. It is good for their lungs."

When crying is the only means of communication by which an infant can express that they have a need, emotional abandonment is not a response of love.

"Children are to be seen and not heard."

If it annoyed God to hear from us, we would be up a creek without a paddle.

"'Sparing the rod' means the child will be spoiled."

Thy rod and thy staff shall comfort thee. Spare the comfort and the child will turn to spoil.

"Kids get over it."

How many childhood hurts do you remember, wherein the response was not love?

"This hurts me more than it does you."

Yea, right!

"An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure."

Punishing or accusing a child, in advance of being tempted, eliminates motive for doing right.

"Ministering to adults is more important than to children."

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Train up a child to love God and the church and, when he is old, he will love the church.

"Children are the future leaders of tomorrow."

If children are not aloud to serve today, they will not be leading tomorrow.

Do not cause children to suffer by telling them they can not serve Jesus.

"If you were not guilty this time, count it for the times you were guilty but did not get caught."

Not even our law judges a person before they have had a chance to speak for themselves.

"If you get into trouble at school, you should also get into trouble at home."

God does not punish twice for the same crime and double jeopardy is against the law, when done to adults.

"It is not punishment. It is discipline."

Punishment, by any other name, is still the same.

"Obedience to teachings of men will win you favor with God."

If any lack wisdom, ask God yourself.

We do things to our children that God does not even do to us.
Child abuse was once legal, in the name of the Lord.
Who are we listening to now?

Is it not about time we use the brain God gave us,
let God be our example and become spiritual ministers toward our children,
instead of waiting for others to do it?

© Joyce C. Lock
Joyce C. Lock is most known on the web for her long time involvement in numerous groups and e-mail ministries. She is a published author, poet, and columnist whose latest adventures include her new website Glimpses of God (unveiling mysteries via scriptural methods of Bible study) while offering a free online copy of her new book, Prisoners of Hope, to those joining to receive website updates. Joyce's writings encourage us in our relationship with God and each other.


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