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The Right Relationship Can Happen

By Nancy Pina

Are you seeking the right relationship and feel that God has not answered your prayers in finding a mate? God will bring the perfect person into your life at in His perfect timing. He already has that person picked out for you and it is your responsibility to have faith that you will see that dream manifest into your life.

Of course, God grants you free will. You can become impatient and force a relationship, but it won't be the one that God has anointed for you. He will allow you to experience the wrong relationship if you are in such a big hurry to make something happen in your timing.

You may ask, "Why isn't it happening right now?" You may very well be ready for that special person to come into your life, but God may have a work to do in the other person. He is working behind the scenes and lining up all the events for you to meet each other.

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Trust that He already knows the end from the beginning. He has your best interest at heart and wants you to experience love in all its wonderful glory.

I'm certainly not encouraging you to sit at home and wait for your perfect relationship partner to come knocking on your door. Enjoy our life and this stage you are at. Get out and experience the things you love to do and the things you love to see. Continue to work on your emotional and spiritual growth. Keep a good attitude during this time and don't believe for one second that God's has forgotten about your dream.

It will all happen - not one second late.

I encourage you not to settle for good enough and wait for the right person in God's perfect timing.

© Nancy Pina
Nancy Pina has enjoyed a successful 20 year career helping individuals attract the right relationship partner. She is author of The Right Relationship Can Happen, an inspirational guide for men and women to achieve relationship happiness and build healthy, lasting and loving relationships. To receive free bonus gifts valued over $200, please visit Nancy's website.


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