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The A - Z of God In A Woman's Life

By Emelda S. Ntinglet-Angu

He's A gentleman who created me and accepts me for who I am.
He Blesses and directs me as I confront daily trials and tribulations.
He's Confident and a confidant.
He Does not plan schemes of extortion when times are tough.
He's Everything a woman will need in her life.
He Forgives and forgets all my inequities.
He Gives me just what I need and anticipates my future wants and needs.
He Holds me closer and tighter when temptation knocks.
He's Indispensable in my life.
He Judges me as an individual not comparative to any of his creations alike.
He Keeps all of his promises.
He Loves me unconditionally despite my shortcomings.
He Meticulously covers me and doesn't expose me.

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He Never lets me down nor will He "disown" me.
He Owns me and does everything for me.
He's my Partner, provider, and protector who perfects everything about me.
His Qualities are incomparable and calls for replication.
He's Rich and powerful.
He'll Stand by me and not gossip about me when I am fallible.
He Takes care of all my needs.
He's the Ultimate intimate partner.
He's Victorious in all my daily battles.
He Wrote his loving words down so that I'll never forget how He feels about me in the Bible.
He eXerts no pressure in making me whom I wasn't meant to be.
He Zealously fosters my ambitions without a trace of humiliation, or inferiority for He is always the lead and head of my household.

© Emelda S. Ntinglet-Angu


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