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Ten Tips for Couples

By Patricia Morgan

Charles Steinberg MD and Torkin Wakefield MA facilitated the 2003 Banff Couples Conference with depth, care and fun. The following are some key points that Les and I brought home from this couple enrichment weekend:

1. Our love is abundant and we can give to each other freely.

2. It is important that we make our relationship a safe place for truth telling.

3. Forgiving one another keeps us happy with one another and ourselves.

4. One gift we can give each other is working through the dark, tough places.

Exploring our shadows and the hard times provides for healing, deepening, maturing and increased trust.

5. What initially attracted us may be the quality that challenges us the most.

6. Learning to love each other’s shadow or weakness requires committed love, not an easy love.

7. If we want change in our relationship we need to focus on making change in ourselves.

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8. We all crave validation. Without appreciation we shrivel up. We will give it daily.

9. Daily, caring touch is vital while lovemaking will ebb and flow as we move through the various life stages.

10. More important than gifts of roses, jewelry or golf clubs is the time and care we have invested into our relationship. We have created preciousness by attending to our sacred vows made close to 35 years ago.

“Beyond the field of right and wrong is a meadow. I’ll meet you there.” Rumi or call 403-259-7992

© Patricia Morgan
Patricia Morgan is a counsellor, speaker and author of "Love Her As She Is" and "She Said: A Tapestry of Women's Quotes".


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