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Successful Adventure

By Tammy Harrison

What is your definition of success? Is it driving a pricey automobile? Is it not having to worry about budgeting? Is it being able to pay off your debts? Once you determine your definition of success you will be able to move through the process of finding home-based work.

I suggest making a list of the reasons you want to work from home. My number one reason is because I want to raise my own children. My mother was a homemaker and although she died when I was 11, I clearly remember her being at home with us. In fact, I believe it is all the more special to me that she spent her entire adult life having and raising her children. The genetics in my family do not make for a very long life so I want to give my children all of me just in case my life ends at an early age. My second reason for wanting to be home-based is to supplement my husband's income. He makes good money, but the savings account has suffered since we started having children and since I quit working a regular job. We would like to continue our retirement plan without taking away from our regular living expenses. We would like to take the kids on a real vacation instead of just to Grandma's to visit. These are the reasons that I used in searching for my personal definition of success.

If you are looking for a job that pays you what you currently make or more with fringe benefits and job security while you are in your pink fuzzy slippers, I am afraid you will have a difficult time being satisfied with home-based employment. Face it, you want your cake served to you with the silver fork. You want someone to take care of you. That is not reality in the entrepreneur world.

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The reality of success for an entrepreneur is a lot of sweat equity and a little bit of luck. I work at least 10 hours a day in my search for success. It is not all at one time because I am being a mom most of the time. But, we have structured our days around the kids' schedule and I work when I can. We have two hours of television time in the morning. The kids are allowed to watch certain educational shows and I am allowed to work. Many days I grab a half hour and eat at my desk while the kids eat their lunch. Nap time is another two hour block of time that I can accomplish more work. Then, once I get the babies all tucked in for the night, I have free reign and (usually) uninterrupted time to work the night away. Is this an easy schedule to keep? Absolutely not. I am often interrupted and most of the time am multi-tasking while trying to finish just one thing. But, I am flexible enough to allow my children to determine my schedule and work will come in time.

I do not make the amount of money that I did when I was gainfully employed and my fringe benefits have milk mustaches. But, I am one lucky gal. I can have my cake and eat it with the silver fork because I have four beautiful children and earn enough money to feel like I'm a successfully contributing member of this family. That is my definition of success.

© Tammy Harrison
Tammy Harrison is the mother of four, and the Independent Creative Representative of Home-Based Working Moms.


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