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9 Steps to Recover from Worry and Anxiety Attacks, Part 2

By Rachel @ Christian Mommies

9 Steps to Recover from Worry and Anxiety AttacksCont'd from Part 1

5) Be Wowed

Inducing "frisson" aka "spine shivers" can release tension. Some musical scores commonly cause frisson. Immersing yourself in a hot bath may cause spine shivers. Unexpected touch often causes frisson. For sports fans, watching an inspiring moment may bring on these cool chills. Experiencing natural beauty, a stunning mountain scape for instance, may bring on pleasant shivers. When I brought this up in an online journal, a friend (Melinda) mentioned how sermons or praise songs can give her these shivers. There is some benefit weighing to do; I know when writing dramatic fiction I get both stress and resulting spine shivers, so some other frisson inducing moments may have null effect overall, or even have more of a stressful impact than a good one.

6) Develop Custom Coping Skills

These may technically turn into nervous habits, but if you're picky they don't have to be bad or annoying habits. You don't have to bite your nails or shake the whole table bouncing your knee around, or worse (smoking comes to mind). You can develop healthier custom coping skills like rocking back and forth (rocking chair, swings), pacing or going for a walk (any light aerobic exercise), having a fan blowing on you or white noise (like a babbling creek recording) in the background. If it's socially acceptable amongst the people you live with, whistling or humming may help you manage stress. Most of these are coping mechanisms you can manage to use in some form almost anywhere, without drawing attention.

7) Be Around People

People really do need people, even if it's one best mate. Jonathan helped David get through dark times, as did his friend Nathan. Ruth and Naomi had one of the most supportive friendships in scripture. Most of us see the value in friendship. Yet many of us are starving for friendship. One way out of this is to turn familiar relationships into friendship (See Mothers and Daughters: Growing Your Friendship as an example). Admittedly, we often take parents, grandparents, siblings and cousins for granted and barely keep in touch. Unless there's a "good reason" to keep your distance, family is all too often an untapped mine of friendship. If you are housebound, reaching out online can be a good way to start, and it's easy to find people with shared interests on the Internet.

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8) Try Natural Remedies

Here are 8 Basic Steps to Treat Anxiety Naturally. These include rest, correct breathing, calming teas, aromatherapy, supplements, herbal remedies, light exercise and cutting back on stimulants. Sometimes getting a little chill out is as simple as going out in the sunshine and sinking your bare feet into the grass.

9) Pray

And finally, never be ashamed to cry out to God! An idea to help you start praying more is to get two bracelets or strings tied as bracelets, and have them on your left wrist. In the morning, after your morning prayer, move one over to your right wrist. In the afternoon, after your afternoon prayer, move the second over as well. In the evening, as you have your evening prayer, move them both back to your left wrist. Then start the process over again the next day. Other common prayer fueling ideas include prayer prompts and prayer journals.

The point is certainly not to be legalistic and rigid about your prayer life, but to commune with God more and have this become second nature.

This wraps up our anxiety series for the year, that began with "Stop Worrying!" Scriptures to Memorize. I practiced what I preached in these articles, over the course of 2012, along with doing a Bible-in-a-year reading plan. It was all life changing. My life is certainly not completely stress free, but stress has been put in it's place, and I haven't had a bad anxiety attack for over half a year. I'm on my way... on this journey of "letting my faith be bigger than my fears". I want to encourage anyone struggling with anxiety to look at this anxiety challenge as a journey of recovery with great rewards, and not just as something to "manage" or take a pill to fix. You are not alone, nor a lost cause...

"No, in all these things we are more than conquerors through Him who loved us." Romans 8:37

© Rachel


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