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Shop Late and Alone to Save Time and Money

By Kelly McCausey

If you want to save money on your grocery budget, be sure to leave the children at home and if you want to get through the aisles faster, try shopping late at night.

It might sound crazy to you but really think about it. Wouldn't it be a nice treat to get out of the house for an hour or so in the evening? Just you and your shopping list without a 'Mommy I need you!' in ear shot.

If there's one thing that is sure to put me in a sour mood, it's waiting in a line at the store! I can't stand looking at the long row of empty check outs that I could be waltzing through if there were only more cashiers on duty! Shopping late cures that, I never have to wait my turn for anything.

If hubby isn't thrilled at the prospect of getting the kids off to bed on his own, show him how your late night foraging is going to save the family budget a lot of dough.

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First of all, taking the kids with you to the store almost always ends up costing you more money. Whether it's candy and pop at the check out or all the 'Momma, we have to have this!' items that they beg for while wandering the store all those extras add up. When it's just you, you're more likely to stick to your list.

It's my experience that shopping with kids in tow will cause me to spend an average of $15 a week more on groceries. That's $60 a month and over $700 in a year. Offer to funnel the extra cash into a family vacation fund. That ought to go over well. When the kids ask why you don't take them shopping anymore you can just tell them you'd rather take them to Disney World.

© Kelly McCausey
Kelly McCausey is host of Work at Home Moms Talk Radio and owner of Mom's Talk Network.


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