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Setting Work at Home Goals for Your Christian WAHM Business

By Denise Willms

At the end of each year, work at home moms are bombarded with information and challenges to help them set goals and create the business of their dreams in the upcoming months.

But if you're a Christian work at home mom who is seeking God's will for her business, you may find many of these techniques just don't work for you. If you've committed your business to God, and are building your business on faith, wordly wisdom won't hold all the answers you need, and the material goals you set often won't be achieved.

That is not to say you won't be successful. I believe very much that God desires for us to be successful and to prosper. It's just that your success won't necessarily look or come about the way you expect.

Here are some goals that I set each year that have helped me build a business that puts God first. If you set goals like these, you will be on your way to honoring God in your business and finding your success in Him this year.

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1. To spend time with God each day. I have learned to not start my day without a devotional time consisting of Bible reading and prayer. On days I skip my devotions, I just feel "off" for the rest of the day and unprepared for whatever my day brings. During your quiet time, you can ask God to prepare you for the day, give you wisdom for what you'll face, and to make you ready for any opportunities He's bringing to you.

2. To build relationships with other Christian business owners. Fellowship together and talk about how you see God working in your businesses. You will feel encouraged and strengthened in your walk of faith.

3. To set proper priorities. It's easy for me to be consumed by my businesses and my blogs. But I know one of the reasons God wants me at home is to care for my family. If I'm too busy to help my children with their schoolwork, or to talk to my husband about his day at work, that's a sign my priorities may not be right.

4. To seek wisdom. Learn from experienced work at home moms about how to build a business. But don't ever assume that what has worked for them will work for you too. Instead, talk to God about what you're learning and ask for His direction.

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© Denise Willms
Denise Willms is a freelance writer and virtual assistant, and a work at home mom to two teenagers. Do you want to know how you can be a successful work at home mom too? Denise publishes free work at home articles at While you're there, be sure to sign up for the weekly newsletter, WAHM Tips. It's the weekly email that helps moms earn more from home!


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