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By Rachel Lower

This article is about making your own baby book, but can be applied to making any kind of scrapbook.

If you want to be able to compile a baby book fairly quickly the store bought baby book is for you. On the other hand, if you have the time, scrapbooking may be the right choice for you. First I will outline the steps to creating a scrapbook. You will want to search online for more options and ideas, from different kinds of albums to a variety of layouts to consider. You can buy your supplies one by one or buy a scrapbooking kit. After that I will give you ideas for pages in a baby book.

As far as supplies go...

1. Buy an oversized three-ring binder. Keep in mind that the bigger the rings the more pages you can put inside. You can buy a slip cover, or get an album with a decorative cover. Some have covers you can slip a page into.

2. Buy sheet protectors, side loading. Choose only polypropylene or Mylar.

3. Buy acid-free and lignin-free cardstock paper.

4. Organize your photos.

5. Buy photo-safe adhesive, like photo tape or paper cement.

6. Buy acid-free paper in a variety of colors. You can also buy dye cuts and stickers that are acid free.

7. Buy sharp scissors and a paper cutter or personal trimmer. You can also buy decorative scissors, a circle cutter, craft punches, and a corner rounder.

8. Buy templates for cutting photos into different shapes. You can buy decorative rulers.

9. Buy some acid-free, photo-safe pens.

10. Collect clip art to print out, either directly on the cardstock or on paper to be cut out and added to the pages later.

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Making your first page...

11. Choose your first batch of photos. Crop them as desired, except for any Polaroids.

12. Take a sheet of cardstock and play with the photos, experimenting with them until you find the best layout. Lightly trace the outline of the photos and set them aside.

13. Pick the sheet of cardstock you will use. You can put it through the printer and have a background design, text or some clip art on it.

14. One at a time, put your photo tape adhesive where a picture will go. Erase the outline. Replace the photo.

15. Add stickers and clip art, borders and rubber stamps with permanent ink and whatever else your imagination can come up with. Be creative!

16. Add titles and notes.

17. Slip your page into a sheet protector...

...and tada! You have finished your first page!

Now, for a baby book, here are some page ideas:

Pictures of pregnant mom.
Ultrasound photos.
Pregnancy journal.
Pictures from labor.
"Announcing..." page with details about the newborn and the birth.
Hospital bracelet and baby's first picture.
Foot and hand prints.
Pictures of visitors holding baby. Names and reactions written under photos.
Pictures of baby's first diaper change, feeding and nap.
Pictures from baby going home, first hours at home.
Pictures from baby's first bath.
Diary-like entries written by Mom.
Lock of baby's hair.
Pictures from the first month including the visit from grandma and grandpa.
Growth chart, to gradually be filled out.
Immunization chart, to gradually be filled out.
Pictures and milestones, like when baby first laughed.
Pictures of baby's friends, pets, baby sitters.
Baby's first Christmas, other holidays and celebrations.
Baby's first drawing.
Baby's first birthday.

Whenever the mood strikes you can make a new page. Scrapbooking is a wonderful way to keep your memories.

© Rachel


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