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Pretty Summer Gift Wrap Ideas

By Abigail Beal

Summer is here, bringing us warmer weather and days at the beach and delicious summer fruits such as plums, nectarines and watermelons. Summer brings back memories of trips to the county fair and ice cream treats. Summer has beautiful, bright colors and beautiful images. Here are seven gift wrap ideas perfect to celebrate that summer birthday, anniversary, housewarming, graduation or other celebration.

Fragrant Floral Wrap

This gift wrap celebrates the beauty of our summer gardens. The flowers of summer are lush and fragrant. Peonies, lilacs and roses to name a few, are plentiful and their fragrance fills the air.

Gift wrap your gift in pale green paper. Using a dark green ribbon, tie a bow on the gift. Then cut several fresh flowers of your choice. Tuck the stems of the flowers under the ribbon. Give flower seeds with the card.

Ocean Wrap

This gift wrap will remind everyone of the beauty of the ocean. It's a cute and charming wrap.

Gift wrap your gift in blue or aqua paper. Then tie a bow with white or green netting. Make the bow wide. Add several plastic toy fish (can find these at any toy store) and glue these into the netting and onto the gift package. Then add silver glitter to the top of the package.

Fourth of July Wrap

This wrap is perfect for celebrating the 4th of July season.

Gift wrap package in silver paper. Use thin metallic paper in red, white and blue. Tie the three ribbons on in these colors and tie a bow. Add three small American flags onto your package, tucking the stems of the flags under the ribbon.

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Tropical Heatwave Wrap

Summer's colors are always so vibrant. This gift wrap uses a bright combination to remind you of tropical days and nights.

Wrap gift in hot pink paper. Add a thick orange ribbon and tie a bow. Tie a second bow in a thin yellow ribbon. Finish the package by adding a large paper purple fan. Open the fan on the top of the package and display.

Creamsicle Wrap

We all remember summery ice cream treats from the ice cream truck. Bring back these memories with this gift wrap.

Wrap gift in light orange paper. Tie a large creamy white bow on this package. Glue popsicle sticks together to create a gift card. Glue a note to the popsicle sticks to complete your gift card. Attach to the package.

© Abigail Beal
Abigail Beal teaches gift wrap in suburban New York.


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