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Online Friendships - Perfect for Moms

By Christine Louise Hohlbaum and Tracy Lyn Moland

I used to always wonder how in the world people could meet a spouse on the internet as it seemed so impersonal. Well, I have made some incredible business acquaintances and more importantly some wonderful friends online so while I may not be in the market I can see how one could meet a mate. There is an entire world that exists in cyber space. Christine and I met through an online writers group and at times we swear we are twins- one in Canada and one in Germany. We have written similar books - both believing in the incredible importance of Moms learning to take care of themselves so that they are better Mothers. We both do similar book promotions. We both work as speakers and marketing consultants. We have two children. We like to bike. We have similar goals for the future!

As a Mom it can be very hard to keep up friendships like we used to before children. Time rarely allows for us to leave the house and do things on our own. The Internet has opened a brand new world for Moms who might otherwise feel isolated without friends or neighbors nearby. As Christine and I have proven, online friendships can be made and are a wonderful way for Moms to take care of themselves.

Tips for Creating and Maintaining Online Friendships:

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Friendships are a necessity for women and expecially for Mothers. Make sure to take the time to maintain your friendships no matter how far apart you are.

Christine Louise Hohlbaum and Tracy Lyn Moland are great friends that live in different continents. Their friendship is proof that the internet is a great place to make and maintain friendships.

© Christine Louise Hohlbaum
Christine Louise Hohlbaum, parenting humorist and author of the world-renowned book "Diary of a Mother", inspires mothers everywhere through her powerful stories. She is a frequent guest on NPR and has appeared as an expert in Boston Globe magazine, Parenting, Pregnancy, Parents, and more. Christine is available to speak at your event whether in Europe or North America.

© Tracy Lyn Moland
Tracy Lyn Moland, the best selling author of "Mom Management, Managing Mom Before Everybody Else", is a popular media guest with over 300 media interviews including a 10 week series on Canadian national TV, and the expert on Mom-TaskingT and the Mom Market. From being spokesperson for a multi-national company, to working with other companies in learning to reach the Mom market, to helping entrepreneurs achieve incredible success, Tracy Lyn's expertise is highly sought after. Through her popular presentations, her consulting and coaching programs and her books; Tracy Lyn Moland provides her clients with the practical and applicable tools to create success in their homes and their businesses. Visit


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