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Mother's Day and The Multiple Mom

By Cheryl Lage

The occasion of this special day, full of “Mommy, you’re the best”,
Forces me to reflect a bit on how it’s me who’s doubly-blessed.
Thinking back on when I learned a baby was on the way,
I thought my joy could be no greater; ‘til “It’s Twins!” my doc did say.
All the sudden, everything changed; our excitement just ignited.
Emotions and hormones overflowed. Overwhelmed? Yes, but delighted.
The two of you grew so fast, inside my giant tummy.
How I hoped the growth was yours, and not me succumbing to yummy!
Before too long, I felt you move, what an indescribable feeling.
But when you both shared the same hiccups? That really had me reeling!
Each week that passed, each day, each hour, I could hardly wait to see you.
I kept peeking into your nursery, to view your crib for two.
Your Daddy, whom I love so much, was so stable and consistent.
When things got tough, uncomfortable...his care was so persistent.
Pretty soon the time had come; your faces soon we’d see.
Off to the materity ward, to meet our “A” and “B”.
I’ll never forget those special hours of keeping an “eye on the prize”,
And the cuddling of two sweet, precious babes--all swaddled, with greasy eyes.
Everyday since has been an adventure. Challenging often, but always fun.
It’s difficult to imagine if instead of two, we’d had just one.
The basket swings seem made for two, seated back-to-back, you fit.
If there were only one in stroller, who’d be there to hit?

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When out and about with the two of you, strangers, our doors will pull.
Often followed by the comment, "Boy, are your hands full!"
Yes, they are. I can confirm, but I'd have it no other way.
Each minute of my life is full: with love, with glee, with play.
The backseat harmonies I hear now driving in the car...
The early morning conversations, and giggling without par...
The way you say each other's names, and pull each other's hair...
The ways you comfort one another, and are learning how to share...
From the first moments you were born, you've nothing shy of wow-ed her.
I doubt that there has ever been a mother any prouder.
So on this day, I'll be sure to thank: my God, my spouse, my twins,
Knowing that after Mother's Day, another year of love begins.

Happy Mother's Day and Year, Friends!

Feel free to contact me with your experiences in twin potty-training, or with any twin parenting dilemnas you may have at I hope to hear from you!

© Cheryl Lage
Author of "Twinspiration: Real-Life Advice From Pregnancy Through the First Year" from Taylor Trade Publishing (2006), Cheryl is a fully-mobile, full-time mom to four-year-old fraternal twins, Darren and Sarah. Cheryl's unabashed honesty, vigilantly supportive style, and willingness to share "what works" have made her a requested speaker on a broad range of topics, twin-related, and otherwise. Check out her website @


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