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Mom, please don't give up on PPC!

By Kelly McCausey

I'm hearing it everywhere and it's breaking my heart!
"I tried PPC and it was too expensive so I dropped it."

PPC stands for Pay Per Click and it refers to the kind of advertising that you do with Google AdWords or Overture. You create an ad, choose the search keywords you want to target and set a budget based on what you are willing to pay per click.

I completely understand the Mom's frustrations because I felt that way on my first PPC campaign. Fortunately I had someone to encourage me and give me some advice to help improve my efforts.

The advice that changed my PPC perspective forever:

==>Start with Google.

Google Adwords will only cost you $5.00 to start with and your bids can begin as low as five cents. You can set your daily budget as low as you like and you have the ability to monitor and pause your campaign instantly.

Once you get your feet wet with Google and feel like you know what you're doing, you can move on to Overture or some of the smaller sites.

==>Find someone with experience to double check your keywords.

Many of us just go too crazy with our keywords and we grab anything and everything that gets high clicks, never stopping to ask ourselves, will someone searching for this really be an interested buyer for my product? Someone with some campaigns under their belt can help you trim out the non producing keywords.

==>Don't try to be number one.

If you have never used PPC advertising before you will have the urge to bid whatever it takes to be number one in the paid search engine results.

There is absolutely no value in doing this. You don't even know if your ad is written well enough to earn a click and you sure don't know if you're going to attract clicks that turn into sales yet.

If you're new - stick to five cents and just learn the system. You may sit on the second or third page of search engine results but that's ok. You will get clicks, slowly but surely.

This can be tough if you are using highly competitive keywords. Five cents may leave you on page seven or eight and your clicks would be very far and few between. If this is the case, you need to go back to the keyword drawing board and get more targetted, dropping the common keywords that everyone else is targetting.

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==>Break up your keywords into targetted groups.

Don't put 50 keywords into one lump and try to write an ad that will cover all of them. Break them up and write ads that will speak to the person searching for those terms.

==>Always be testing two ads for each keyword group.

Write two ads and have them both running. Google will automatically split the impressions up between the ads that you have written. You will be able to watch and see which one is getting the clicks. Then you can rework the underachiever and see if it starts to do better. Every 50 or 100 clicks you keep tweaking your underdog. This way you are always improving your results.

==>Use the conversion tracking capabilities.

This was intimidating to me. I had never used tracking before and was afraid I could not figure it out. But it is so simple. You just place the code they give you on the order completion page and Google will be able to show you the percentage of your "clicks" that turn into sales. Best yet, they can show you by keyword so that you can see what keywords to drop and what keywords to up the bid price on.

Ok, I could give you 25 more tips and tricks but this is enough to help you get a pretty good idea of why your first campaign didn't go well. If you weren't doing these simple things, your campaign was doomed from the start. It wasn't your fault! You just didn't know!

Take these tips and go rework that unsuccessful campaign, starting from scratch if you need to. If you put it to work, keep an eye on things and do the tweaking and tracking, you will begin to see favorable results within a few hundred clicks.

Believe me, you can do this Mom!

© Kelly McCausey
Kelly McCausey is host of Work at Home Moms Talk Radio and owner of Mom's Talk Network.


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