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The following articles are about people/communication skill and christian marriage advice. The topics covered range from romance and marriage, to friendship and relationship problems.

Marriage and Relationships Archives

Marriage and Relationships A to Z
Affairs, Communication, Co-Workers, Husbands, In-Laws/Extended Family, Making Relationships Work, Mars/Venus, Military Wives, People Skills, Problems, Regret, Relationships/Friendships, Romance, Sex, Spirituality, Unbelieving Husband

Avoid the Greener Grass Syndrome: Water Your Own Marriage
Avoiding Affairs
Forgiving the Unforgivable? Adultery
Guard Your Marriage with Affair-Proof Hedges
Infidelity’s Warning Signs
4 Common Mistakes That Damage Your Relationships
Are You Assertive or Aggressive?
Conversation Tips For Business And Personal Success
Gag Your Nagging
How to Hint Properly
How to listen so people will hear you!
How To Make A Strong First Impression: Seven Tips That Really Work
How to Start a Conversation Effortlessly
Ideas from Words That Change Minds
Leading Phrases to Avoid If You Don't Want Them to Run
Mastering The Art of Conversation
The Power of Healthy Words
Secrets of Recognition: Positive Words that Influence
Ten Secrets of Good Listeners
Ten Sure-Fire Ways to 'Make' Conversation
Words: How harmful are they?
Your Mission Field At Work
5 Simple Ways Connect With Your Husband
Different by Design
Toward Compassion: Understanding the Pressures on Your Husband
Understanding Your Guy
What Is Our Problem with Submit?

In-Laws/Extended Family
The Holidays are Family Time
I Love My In-Laws
Making Relationships Work
12+ Acts of Kindness for Your Spouse
Create Relationship Memories or Not
Everything I Know About Relationship Success I Learned At The Playground
Happily Ever After: What Makes a Relationship Work?
How to Have a Happy Marriage When You’re Busy Being Parents
Ideas from The Good Marriage by Judith Wallerstein
The Informal Normal in a Black-Tie-Affair-World
How Lazy Parents Make Happier Kids and Stronger Marriages
The Mathematics of Marriage
More than Mom and Dad
No Room for Envy
The Secret of Relationship Success
Separate Vacations?
Ten Tips for Couples
Turning to Praise and Thanksgiving
Two Become One Flesh
Women’s Laughing Perspective
Military Wives
Why Asking For Help Makes Military Wives Stronger
People Skills
5 Proven Ways To Beat Shyness
12 Reasons Why You Should Never Neglect People Skills
How To Improve Your Social Skills
How To Overcome The Fear of Rejection
Ideas from The 10 Qualities of Charismatic People Secrets of Personal Magnetism by Dr. Tony Alessandra
Come Back from a Stab in the Back
Concern, Care or Gossip
Cyberspace Conflict
Do You Take Things Personally? Learn How Not To
Five Ingredients for Developing Trust in a Relationship
Forgiveness is Not the Same as Trust
Marriage, Divorce, and Kids
Marriage Survival: The Holidays and Beyond
Men, Wives, and Arguments
Top 10 Secrets to Avoiding “Marital Money Chaos©”
My Favorite Three-word Prayer
The Power
St. Patrick's Day: Is Love Only for the Lucky?
True Commitment: Getting to WE
The Ultimate Love Language
Wait! Before You Write Off the Marriage
Your Marriage Is Better Than You Think
Did We Make a Mistake?
Develop Deeper Friendships: Any Reason Works
Forums - Why Join?
Getting Back in the Game
Getting by with a little help from our friends...
Golden Rules for Creating a BE NICE Culture
How to Be a Better Friend
How to Develop a Parenting Support Group
Humouring a Hurting Friend
The Importance of Community
Messageboards, A Great Resource But Be Ready Before You Post
Online Friendships - Perfect for Moms
Put Down Your Newspaper
Wondrous Women Friends
Dating Your Spouse
Fall in Love with Your Spouse Again
Frugal Ways To Show Your Love
Have You Lost that Lovin’ Feelin’?
Ideas For Fun Things To Do On A Date
Making Time for Romance
Rekindling the Romance
Rethinking Romance
Romance for Every Day of the Month
Turn up the Romance on Valentine's Day
The Valentine’s Day Challenge
V-Day Tips from C'Moms Members
White Knights, Glass Slippers and Other Romantic Myths
Winter Romance on a Budget
The Health Benefits of Sex
The SURGE of the URGE!
Victoria's Secret DISCLOSED!
Praying for Your Husband's Day
Unbelieving Husband
My Husband Doesn't Share My Faith
When Your Loved One Doesn't Love God


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