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Little Eyes Watching Me

By Teri Worten

We all have our shortcomings. Mine is traffic. I act the ugliest; fuss the most during traffic, particularly during the morning rush hour! My son is so quiet that I never thought he noticed or even cared about my frequent rampages about the crazy drivers. He's usually just stare at the back of my head emotionless.

This morning before even leaving our neighborhood, I looked at him through the rear view mirror and announced to him that I'd planned to walk in the Spirit today so would be no yelling at other drivers. He casually smiled and said "good job, mom!" He later went on to inquire what exactly "walking in the Spirit" entailed. I explained in ten year old terms that it meant that I would try to do everything as led by the Holy Spirit. Instead of opting to handle things my "selfish" way, I'd keep God's law at the forefront of everything.

We were almost to our destination when a slow (I mean slow) Ford Explorer darts in front of me. Ironically, I was so engrossed in a beautiful Christian song on the radio that I didn't really notice him. Suddenly, my little person exclaims, "Good job, mom! You didn't even yell at the guy or say "move it, grandpa!!" I smiled and winked at him.

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Then it hit me like a boulder.

All this time, my little one had been vigilantly observing my 'less than honorable' driving etiquette. Although I never used profanity, or gave wicked gestures, I was not very patient my fellow drivers. But I would huff and puff and blurt out the occasional "C'mon fella!" All the while my ten year old would be watching, monitor, and learning.

Our kids are such a huge part of our lives that sometimes it's easy to forget that they are there. They are circumspectly watching our every move and learning valuable life lessons from us - even when we're unsuspecting. Today was my reminder of the "little eyes" watching me at incessantly. This morning reminded me that I'm always teaching a lesson, both intentionally and unintentionally. Remember the old saying, "Kids remember some of what we say, but all of what we do".

Let my experience serve as a warning/reminder for you single mom. They're watching us!

© Teri Worten
Teri Worten is a freelance writer passionate about guiding women toward reaching their fullest potential in Christ. Visit her at


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