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Lighten up!

By Becky Freeman

Great Reads to Encourage Your Heart Friends are great help, and you'll need to find a few moms to bond with, whom we'll discuss later, but sometimes they aren't immediately available. And you need encouragement right now! I've found that when I'm feeling frazzled, a good book that speaks to my situation, immediately calms and gives me a fresh perspective.

Here are some book suggestions, for all types of moms, to get you enjoying motherhood to it's fullest again. Be sure to check the church or public library for free book friends”or parenting books-on-tape

I Love to Laugh”Moms

Every week I get letters from mothers saying, "Becky, your books made me lighten up and remember to laugh with my kids again! Now I know I'm not alone!"  To any mom who is feeling alone in the wacky world of motherhood, I'd recommend that she use one of her Mother’s Day Outs to go to a park or curl up in a rocking chair and read my inspirational/humorous books written especially for mothers: Worms In My Tea & Other Mixed Blessings or Peanut Butter Kisses & Mud Pie Hugs.  (Available in bookstores or order from my website at

Other funny mom authors you'll love are…

Nancy Kennedy--Help! I'm Being Intimidated by the Proverbs 31 Woman

Julie Barnhill She's Gonna Blow! Great book if you find you are losing your temper more often these days.

Elizabeth Cody Newenhuyse--Sometimes I Feel Like Running Away from Home: Saving Your Sanity and Refreshing Your Spirit When You Feel Trapped by Your Own Life

Kendra Smiley--It’s a Mom Thing!  -- also check out Kendra's websites for her funny speaking tapes.  This hilarious friend of mine was voted Mother of the Year for the state of Illinois in 2001!  I met her grown sons and they are incredibly fun people.  She deserves the award.

  Gwendolyn Mitchel Diaz--The Adventures of Mighty Mom

Keep Reading

      Charlene Ann Baumbich--365 Ways to Connect with Your Kids I love Charlene's bio in this book. Charlene Ann Baumbich is a Child of God, woman, wife, mom, author, speaker and humorist who writes and talks about the layers of life, whether they’re good, bad, or dubious. She's also lots of other things on any given day (and some of them aren’t pretty); just ask her husband kids, friends, neighbors and sometimes complete strangers.”  What's not to like about a woman this honest? (I have to confess, Charlene's become a good friend. In fact, we have a phone appointment today to share and laugh about our latest disasters.  Things our husbands don't quite see the humor in yet. )

     Erma Bombeck--Forever, Erma is a wonderful bargain, less than $7.00 for a hard-back edition through  It's the best collection of her timeless humor for moms. The late, beloved Erma was Newspaper Prozac for many a stay-at-home “housewives”during the 60-80's, and I still think she holds the title for wittiest female writer ever.)

© Becky Freeman
Becky Freeman is an award-winning, best-selling author, national speaker and humor columnist, and radio/TV media personality. Among her many inspirational/true-life/humor books are fun titles like "Worms in My Tea: And Other Mixed Blessings" (nominated for a Gold Medallion), "Coffee Cup Friendship & Cheesecake Fun: Stories and Adventures Between Girlfriends", and many more. See her website at!


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