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Liberating Yourself

By Tammy Harrison

I was enjoying a rare couple of hours out of the house recently, attending a home party for a friend. Most of the attendees were women like myself, with small children and stay-at-home moms. What they were not is liberated women!

As we discussed the pitfalls of being a round-the-clock mom, their biggest gripes seemed to revolve around cleaning their houses. Some had their schedules set so that they cleaned a room a day. Some took up their mop and buckets once a week for a serious overhaul. Yet others shyly admitted that they cleaned when company was expected, or once a month, whichever came first.

As the conversation rounded to me, I had the urge to jump up and throw my bra into the center ring! I was a liberated woman, and I wasn't afraid to admit it! My house is cleaned by a cleaning lady!

If you've never had a cleaning lady, let me tell you that it is the best! I cope with guilt over my decisions of spending time with the kids versus working versus cleaning. Sometimes, the guilt is overpowering. As a mom who chooses to be at home every day, I am perfectly capable of understanding that part of my family responsibilities includes keeping a clean house. As part of my marriage, I feel obliged to have a clean house for my husband to come home to. No one said I couldn't hire someone to clean for me!

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I have had cleaning ladies for many years, as my skin allergies do not permit me to use cleaning products. I have tried the best, the natural and the cheapest, and still find that there is always something in the ingredients that I cannot touch. So, my paid cleaning escapades truly started because of the physical limitations of myself.

But, as the years progressed and as the kids were born, the cleaning lady has become an integral part of our routines, and of my sanity! I am now liberated from the guilt of being a stay-at-home mom and not having to feel like I must be cleaning something just because I am home! I am liberated from the ho-hum cleaning rites of passage. I can invite people to our home without having to hide the dust bunnies by sweeping them under a rug! And, I can proudly say that my job as a mom is much better served WITH my children, not just cleaning up after them!

© Tammy Harrison
Tammy Harrison is the mother of four, and the Independent Creative Representative of Home-Based Working Moms.


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