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How to Avoid Falling for Home Business Scams

By Denise Willms

I know how easy it is to fall for an illegitimate opportunity. The very first home business I tried turned out to be a scam. Thankfully, I didnít lose very much money, but I did lose some of my pride, and wasted a lot of my time. Once I realized that I had been taken advantage of, I was angry with myself for falling for such an obvious hustle. I should have known better!

Looking back, there were a lot of indications that the business I signed up for was a scam. Now that I know exactly what to look for, I wish I could go back in time and tell myself to be smarter. But, I learned a lesson I will never forget.

If youíre still looking around for a real home business opportunity, youíll find lots of information about what to look for, and what to avoid. So, I wonít go into them those points here.

But I would like to share with you my two tips for not getting scammed. These are the two things that, had I paid attention, could have kept me from losing that $20 (an amount that was a big deal to me back then!) and wasting so much time on a business that ended up going nowhere.

1. Know yourself. When I first decided I wanted to work from home, I was willing to do almost anything for some easy money (and lots of it!) without having to go to the office every day. But if I had been honest with myself, I would have admitted that I truly didnít want to do just ANYTHING.

I wanted to be a freelance writer from home. That was my dream, even 18 years ago. But it seemed so impossible, I could barely admit it to myself, never mind anyone else. It was easier to believe a phony ad in the newspaper!

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Even if youíre open to doing almost anything from home, if you give yourself time to reflect, you might find that you have a hidden dream as well. If you know what kind of work you would like to do, you will have some direction when looking for a business idea. And if you have a sense of direction, you will be less likely to fall victim to someoneís scam.

2. Trust yourself. Your instincts are usually right. When you read that I ďwas willing to do almost anything for some easy money (and lots of it),Ē did your alarm bells go off?

Mine did too, when I saw an ad that promised just that. But I didnít trust my instincts. If I had, I would have run fast and far. Anyone who works from home successfully will tell you that it takes time and persistence to earn a good income.

Legitimate home business opportunities are out there! And if you canít find the right one for you, you may want to consider starting your home business.

Hereís to your work at home success!

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© Denise Willms
Denise Willms is a freelance writer and virtual assistant, and a work at home mom to two teenagers. Do you want to know how you can be a successful work at home mom too? Denise publishes free work at home articles at While you're there, be sure to sign up for the weekly newsletter, WAHM Tips. It's the weekly email that helps moms earn more from home!


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