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Go Ahead... Journal

Taking Time To Record My Soul's Journey With God

By Lee Wise

Imagine sitting down in a relaxed setting -- a setting you love -- opening a publication, and discovering that you are totally relating to the heart and soul of the author.

You relate to the style, "flow," struggles, concerns, joys and dreams of the one whose creation now lies in front of you.

Suppose I informed you that the book in question was on back order, but...

It would be available for a guaranteed delivery within the next ninety days.

Would you order a copy?
(Did I hear a "Yes!"?)

The masterpiece I'm referring to *will* be available to you: if you begin now.

That is, if you you begin your journal today.

Should you decide to take action immediately, the book you only imagined a few moments ago will become a reality for you much sooner than you thought possible.

A personal journal inherently contains a measure of beauty. It's the beauty of you.

Please stop long enough to hear yourself *say* what is quoted below:

"A journal is 'me' recorded...

In my own unique way,
For my own reasons,
And at my own pace."

And since a journal is "you" recorded, the reflections you enter on a regular basis quite naturally trace your personal journey with Jesus.

Your journal becomes a written tapestry of your life as each specifically chosen strand is engraved on its pages.

Keep Reading

Every prayer, idea, struggle, victory, joy, insight on life, heartache, quote, or observation of any kind contributes to *your book.*

The book you could be reading the next ninety days.


The next chapter of the book you continue to create should you already be involved in art of journaling.


Keep this phrase in mind and you will rarely struggle for what to write:

"Pay attention to your heart and record what you hear."

Sitting in the front row of our church I remained, literally, at the foot of the cross.

The cross stood in center of our sancturary surrounded by rows for the worshippers.

I could barely speak, and no words from the choruses were heard from my lips.

The words recorded in my journal captured a part of what I heard my heart say that special evening. My Good Friday prayer went something like this:

"Oh, Lord, help me to retain the image of the cross here in church this evening. The cross. The wine. There's something about being at the foot of the cross, Lord.

It is totally humbling -- mixed with a deep sense of gratitude.

Let me 'see,' Lord. Not too much, but enough to inspire. Yes, even demand, a recommitment of my total person to You -- no matter what.

In Jesus' name: *only,* in His name. Amen."

Don't look for good grammar in that prayer. You won't find it.

I wrote not for publication. I simply recorded my heart's attempt to take in the "majesty" and agony of the cross.

My First Idea, Then, Would Be To...

Record the cries of your heart to the Lord.

My students routinely humble and inspire me. They touch my heart.

I encourage the men to spend a fair amount of time considering their purpose in life and design a personal mission statement that reflects that purpose.

Not long ago several of the statements I received became a part of my journal.

Consider how I felt as my reading pace slowed down while I read...

"My life purpose is to love Christ, grow in Christ, share Christ, serve Christ through His church, and to lead my family and others to do the same."

"My life aim is to lead people to know God intimately and to serve him passionately."

"To train and equip passionate students and adults to be servant leaders who will mobilize the global church for the mission of God."

My Second Suggestion Is To...

    Record the inspiring thoughts of others.

Just like you, I enjoy a variety of things:

Times with my family.
My "prayer walks" with God.
The beach -- especially the ocean.
Training men in ministry.

And creating my own quotes -- like the ones below:

Personal Devotions
ŠLee Wise 2003
A time of sharing my heart with
the heart of my closest Friend, Lord
and lover of my soul.

Personal Devotions
ŠLee Wise 2003
An intimate meeting between close friends.
A meeting characterized by truth, love, transparency
and mutual commitment to one another.

My reason for sharing these examples? They were on the spot expressions of "me." They reflect something I enjoy.

Therefore, My Third Suggestion Is To...

    Record sponteous expressions of "you."


If you were to make two significant entries in your journal today, what would they be?

1. ____________________________________________________

2. ____________________________________________________

Suppose someone asked you this: "What are the three most important lessons you have learned about walking with God?", what would you share?

1. ____________________________________________________

2. ____________________________________________________

3. ____________________________________________________

If you were to write out a prayer today, what would you say? Jot down how you might begin below:




Before you are three possible entries for a journal.

And remember, a journal is "you" recorded...

"A journal is 'me' recorded...

In my own unique way,
For my own reasons,
And at my own pace."

Yours for many hope-filled days in Jesus,

(John 15:16)

© Lee Wise
All rights reserved. You may freely distribute this article. The copyright and this resource box must be included.


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