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Gift Giving and Your Business

By Corrie Petersen

Businesses can give during the holiday season just like people do. You can do this whether you are in direct sales or you own your own business.

If you are in direct sales, you can give samples to all of your customers and something a little bigger to your business builders.

The neat thing about it is you can use it as a tax write off. Make sure you check with your tax advisor regarding this.

Gift giving during the holidays can be good for business as well as thanking your customers and business builders. It is also a good way to attract people to your website. You can place ads telling people you have something free just for signing up to receive your newsletter. You could also give something away if they listen to your presentation. As far as what to give away, you can give away a free e-book for signing up to receive your newsletter, you could give away a sample if they listen to your presentation, or you could give away a full size product if they enroll with you.

You could also do mom packs or holiday box swaps and give away goodies such as samples of your products or candies with a coupon.

If you are not in direct sales, but you have a service that you offer, thatís ok. You can still participate. You could offer a discount coupon or offer an hour for free. If you do the mom packs or holiday box swaps, you could take a 2 x 3 clear bag and put a tea bag in it with your business card and a discount coupon.

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You can also do vendor fairs during the holidays and give away prizes while playing games. You could also offer a discount for those that order during the vendor fair.

If you run this campaign for Christmas, you will want to start early. Start advertising before Halloween telling people that you are offering a discount starting on Black Friday.

You can run these types of campaigns anytime you want, but it works really well during the Christmas season.

I hope these ideas and suggestions will help you bring your business up during the holiday season.

© Corrie Petersen
Corrie Petersen is a work at home mom want to be. She has been married to Kevin for 13 years and they have 2 boys. She is the owner of and her and her husband own


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