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Great Grandmother's Dollhouse (Photo Collection)

By Rachel @ Christian Mommies

Great Grandmother's Cardboard and Popsicle Stick DollhouseMy great grandmother was born around 1900 and died around 1979, before I was born. During her lifetime she crafted a lot, and at some point decided to make a dollhouse out of a cardboard box, and doll furniture mainly out of Popsicle sticks. She also used felt and cloth scraps, a few found objects, and (likely acrylic) paint. Not the finest materials, because they were financially poor.

I was one of the children that played with this house, while it was kept at my grandmothers. It's not in terrible shape, but it's age is showing. The outside didn't age well, the walls have a little damage, and some chairs have broken legs. Some bits have come unglued, like the clock image cut out from a magazine that she used in her Popsicle stick grandfather clock.

moufamily's Great Grandmother_s Dollhouse album on Photobucket

If I had a little girl, I'd want to remake this house in wood, using any original materials still standing the test of time. In lieu of having a daughter, I am sending the whole lot back with my mother, furniture along with the house. Hopefully a relative with heirs can take it. I didn't want to have it fade from my memory though, so I took over 50 pictures of the house, rooms, and notable pieces of homemade doll furniture.

In talking to a relative, (if I understood correctly) I found out this was once displayed at a folk art museum. I wonder if someone down our family line will get this back to museum mint.

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Here's the dollhouse gallery I uploaded to Photobucket, which includes a slideshow viewing option.

© Rachel


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