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Get Up Single Mom

By Teri Worten

Life can deliver some rough blows. However, we do not have the luxury of staying "down", we must get up, straighten up and wise up for our own sakes and for the sake of our children.

My pastor, George Westlake warns against it all of the time. However, this time I just couldn't resist. I took a scripture out of it's orginal context. Ponder the following scripture:

"Get up, and do not be afraid." Mt 17:7 After a marriage or relationship ends, the first emotion to hit us is usually fear. Fear can actually paralyze us and hinder us from moving forward with our lives. If we are imprisoned by fear, we won't take the risks that will propel us to our future blessings. God hasn't given us this spirit, but He has equipped us with love, power and a strong, sound mind. So, don't let fear keep you down. Get up and don't be afraid!

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Whatever fear holds you hostage, decide to relinquish it today so that you can 'arise' and go forth without apprehension. Whether it's fear of failure, fear of mice (my friends get it :), fear of a new relationship, or even fear of success. Release the fear now, in Jesus name! Ask the Lord to help you and give you wisdom on how to overcome and release it. Ask Him to reveal Himself more real in your life. Once you recognize His awesome greatness, you cannot be fearful of anything.

Remember that God loves you as much as He would if you were the only one He had to love. His perfect love chases away fear. Nothing can happen that He won't see you through. So, why be afraid Single Mom? Get up!

© Teri Worten
Teri Worten is a freelance writer passionate about guiding women toward reaching their fullest potential in Christ. Visit her at


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