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Filling the Empty Place

By Susie Cortright

"If we worry too much about ourselves, we won't have time for others."
Mother Theresa

February. It's the time of year when winter seems to stretch on and on. It's the time of year when we're all feeling a little isolated, a little stir crazy, and--if your emails are any indication--a little desperate.

This is the time of year when those of us who feel relatively fulfilled during the rest of the year, suddenly come up empty. We find a bare place inside, like an open door that allows a whisper to come sneaking through. "Is this all there is?" it wants to know.

The question is haunting. But the answer is simple. The biggest trick is to remember it when we need it.

Turn it out

I should put a sticky note on my forehead just for times when I start asking myself those tired questions:

Am I happy? How happy am I? Am I miserable? How miserable am I? Am I tired? Am I sad?

That sticky note would have one simple directive: To think about someone other than myself.

The instant I start feeling tired and sad, it's my cue to do something completely new. To take all that energy that I've been turning in on myself and turn it out into the world.

It can make you sick.

Keep Reading

It's something we all know, deep down. If you had to name the times when you've felt the most alive in this world, what would you say? For me, each of these times share only one thing in common. They have absolutely nothing to do with me. Late at night, wiping tears from someone else's face. Holding someone else's shaky hand. Head bowed, deep in prayer for someone else's town.

It's also something that's easy to forget. The more we agonize over own happiness or unhappiness, the more we turn inward. The more pre-occupied we become with our own me-ness. The more miserable we become.

Certainly, there is therapy in humility; solace in service. All at once we become enmeshed with something much greater than ourselves.

© Susie Michelle Cortright
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