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Fall and Holiday Advertising Ideas

By Kandi Traxel

The holiday season is THE biggest sales opportunity of the entire year! People WILL be buying and you need to be out there offering what you have to sell! If they do not know you are there, then they cannot buy from you!

A great time to get with friends and family will be during this season! If you have family members that you will only see (for example) on Thanksgiving, that should still give you plenty of time to collect their orders and get them turned in to your direct selling company or made up for the holidays.

If you take your kids trick or treating for Halloween, then give out business cards at the homes that you visit. Even if you don't ring the bell, walk up and tuck a flyer in the door. DO NOT put anything in mailboxes; that is against the law! No one wants to have to be bailed out of jail for promoting their business! I think that type of advertising might get you more than you bargained for! If you are giving out the Halloween treats, then give out business cards or page flyers to the parents. Attach a piece of candy to your card before dropping it in the child's goodie bag!

Hit the craft fairs! When you visit a vendor, leave business cards or flyers! If the fair is at a public place, (private owners may frown), then hand flyers out to shoppers as you walk along and browse!

If you have artistic ability, draw or print out some coloring sheets or simple word puzzles, geared towards the holidays and offer them to your child's teacher. Ask her if she will tuck them into her students' take home folders. Be sure to type your business name and URL on the bottom of the sheet!

Take advantage of free bulletin boards at Grocery Stores, Community Centers and Post Offices.

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With flu season coming, be sure to leave catalogs, business cards and or flyers at your doctor's office! Lots of people will see them during this time of the year! If you offer a products that create a soothing environment, such as aromatherapy, then be sure to promote THAT product on the flyer!

For online advertising, write a seasonal article utilizing any kind of expertise that you may have! Write up the instructions for a holiday craft, tips for holiday cleaning, or a collection of tasty holiday recipes. I write articles once in a while and they are great advertising for your business;-)

If you are the member of a work at home or similar ladies' group, then offer to swap flyers to place in outgoing orders. For example, if you have an online friend that sells hand stitched crafts and you make and sell candles, then offer to print and place her ad flyers in YOUR orders if she will do the same for YOU! This could help you reach an all new customer base!

Offer to do an Ad-Sheet Swap with other online friends. Create a flyer with business card sized ads, and then offer the ads to friends. Provide a printable copy to each person that places an "ad" on the sheet, and have them print them tuck them into their outgoing orders! This would provide unlimited free advertising for all of you!

Look for opportunities to talk about your business or give out your business card whenever you are in a group of people. Remember that people cannot buy from you if they do not know that you exist! So let them know where you are, what you have and how to get it, and you will be on the right track to big holiday sales!

© Kandi Traxel


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