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Dating Again: Tips to Introducing a New Person to Your Kids

From Single Parent Central

Give yourself time to heal before establishing a new relationship. Jumping into a new relationship is sometimes tempting. However, rushing into another relationship is usually a way to avoid the pain of the break-up. Give yourself time to heal and rebuild your life again.

1)Establish good routines and structures in your family. 

Children thrive on consistency. Having predicable structures set up in the family will ease feelings of insecurity when a new person is introduced.

2)Keep dating time and parenting time separate (for non-custodial parents especially). 

Children need to know that their time is important. Children will often resent the new person if they feel their special time is being intruded on.

3)Avoid sleep-overs with the new person when the children are present.

Viewing you as a sexual being is disturbing for most children. Do not expose your child to this side of your life.*(Note from the editor of Christian Mommies: Of course, as Christians, we would hopefully abstain from sex until married!)

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4)Introduce the new person only when you think the relationship has long-term potential

New relationships might not work out so wait awhile before you introduce the new person to your children. Introducing many people in the children's life creates confusion and insecurity.

5)Don't have the children refer to the new person as a relative.

Telling the child to call the new person Mom; Dad; Uncle, etc., is too confusing particularly if the relationship doesn't work out. Have the children use the first name of the new person.

6)Go slowly. 

For instance, introduce the children to a new person first before including them in family activities. A new person who is worth having in your life will understand your need to ease them into your children's lives.

The information is free to reprint in any format provided the information at the bottom, including this, remains intact. Reprinted from Single Parent Central, which offers information and resources to single parent families.


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