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Constructing a Business

By Tammy Harrison

We live in a log house. The logs were cut and prepared in central Missouri and shipped here for construction. Before the logs were put into place, a foundation was poured out of concrete. After the logs were set, windows, doors and all of the interior features were added. This is, basically, the same process that you would use to build a traditional house.

And, it is the same process you would use to build your home-based business. You start with the land for your house. There is a piece of ground, somewhere, that you search for. When you find it, you usually have a feeling that a simple piece of ground is the place you've dreamed about for your new home. In constructing your business, this is also your dream of working from home.

Then you begin researching what type of business you want to do. Will it be sales? Will it be virtual assistant work? Will it be in the technology or communication field? The possibilities are wide and varied, and the opportunities go on forever.

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Once you have your "land" and your "foundation", the next step is to put up the "walls". Each log on our house was fitted, notched out and put together -- just like those Lincoln Log toys that I played with as a child. As a business grows, the walls are erected. A solid marketing plan would be one wall, a website presence would be another wall, community participation (be it on- or off-line) would be your third wall, and your business structure would be the final wall. Without all of the walls, your business is not structurally sound.

Within each wall is where the door and windows are found, and within your business is where the individual aspects that make up a business are located. Networking, communications, administrative details, etc. Everything that will assist you in finding success is considered a support to the basic business structure.

Finally, there is no house without the roof - and there is no business without your customer. A roof needs care and attention, as does your clientele. The safety provided by the basic elements of your business are contingent upon your customer being happy, having access to you and helping you bring your newly-built business off of the ground. Without a roof, you get wet!

© Tammy Harrison
Tammy Harrison is the mother of four, and the Independent Creative Representative of Home-Based Working Moms.


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