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Beware The Isms

By Dan Reinhold

A home business can serve any purpose you want: provide pocket money, pay the car loan or even the mortgage, produce funds for the kids' college education. Properly cared for and nurtured, it will serve its chosen purpose well.

Even a robust, vigorous home business may become UNhealthy. There are potent dangers that often arise, horrible maladies to sicken them and make them wither away to nothing but a memory.

Beware...The Isms.

The first is perhaps the most cruel, as nourishment and care of the home business becomes erratic and faltering. Without the benefit of continuous attention and strengthening activity, it can fall prey to Sometimeism.

Sometimeism is a terrible fate for the home business, as its energies are sapped by occasional and casual efforts of brief and uncertain duration. As these tidbits become ever fewer and farther between, the poor weakened home business succumbs to starvation and worse, neglect.

Another plague that can strike a home business is much more insidious: little by little, it is worn down and exhausted by an acute lack of seriousness.

This nightmare is called Hobbyism.

When afflicted with Hobbyism, a home business feels the draining effect of too many hours in forums and chat rooms, exacerbated by still more hours checking emails. Any business without its very life's blood - commerce, enterprise, trade - is doomed while the unforgiving hours grow and multiply with online games and Flash presentations.

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How may these unthinkable diseases be thwarted and the tender lives of so many home businesses be spared?

The answer, dear friend, is simple prevention.

Maintenance of its young business muscles by regular performance of commerce-building exercise fueled by generous doses of RGAs, supplemented by the occasional between-meal article or informative/helpful posting is essential to the growth and development of a healthy, strong home business lasting many happy years.

Please remember that to properly care for your home business, you must give it what it needs most - lots of attention by promotion, and plenty of nourishment from heaping helpings of the required daily RGAs.

You and your home business may then enjoy many good years and profits together.

© Dan Reinhold


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