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Becoming a Work at Home Mom - How to Make the Change to Working from Home

By Denise Willms

Work at home moms usually aren't created overnight. If you are like many moms who decide to work from home, you have probably been frustrated by juggling being a working professional with being a parent and managing your family life. You may have been on a quest to find the perfect work from home job for you.

Now that you’ve found the right opportunity, you may be wondering how you will adjust to your new life as a work from home mom. Not to worry, as it is possible to successfully transition from the corporate world to working from home.

Here are some ideas to help you make this transition and enjoy the best of both worlds, as a mom and as a working professional.

1. Set a schedule. One of the most difficult things in working from home is determining a schedule that will work for you and your family. You now have the freedom to work whenever you want, but you will need some structure in your day so you can get things done, and still meet your family's needs.

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2. Make childcare arrangements. Many work at home moms believe that, since they're working from home to be with their children, they don't need to use childcare. If you continue to use childcare, though, you will find you are more productive during your work day, and you'll be able to give your children more of your attention when they come home. On the plus side, you won't need to use childcare as often as you did when you worked outside the home.

3. Find other work at home moms to connect with. Whether you join work at home mom forums, or network with other work at home moms in your community, it's important to have this kind of support. Moms who work at home face many issues that no other group does, and these support networks will give you an opportunity to learn from others' experiences and share your own.

You will be successful as a work at home mom because you took the time to find the right job that will work best for your life. By using the above ideas, you will soon enjoy the sense of freedom that working from home brings. It is then that you will realize the best of both worlds: being a mom and being able to make a living from home.

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© Denise Willms
Denise Willms is a freelance writer and virtual assistant, and a work at home mom to two teenagers. Do you want to know how you can be a successful work at home mom too? Denise publishes free work at home articles at While you're there, be sure to sign up for the weekly newsletter, WAHM Tips. It's the weekly email that helps moms earn more from home!


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