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A WAHM By Any Other Name

By Sharon Davis

If you've spent any time at all looking for a way to stay home, you've seen them.

WAHM's, SAHM's, know, the latest buzzwords for home-based working people.

Lately, I've seen so many variations that I thought it might be useful to have a glossary to help us to decipher some of the lesser-known, more obscure terms.

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I hope you find it useful in your internet travels.

WAHM- Work At Home Mom
WAWAHM- Wannabe Work At Home Mom
WOOHM- Work Outside Of Home Mom
WOOHMWOFOTD- Work Outside Of Home Mom With One Foot Out The Door
OWAHM- Over-worked At Home Mom
LOL- Lady Of Leisure (what WAHM's are commonly and mistakenly referred to as)
WAHD- Work At Home Dad
WAHP- Work At Home Professional (the politically correct term for those who feel that being called a "WAHM" is professionally demeaning)
WAHNAM- Work At Home, Not A Mom
WAHNAD- Work At Home, Not A Dad
WAHSP- Work At Home Single Parent
WAHR- Work At Home Retiree
WAHFL- Work At Home Free-Lancer
WAHFT- Work At Home Full-Timer
WAHPT- Work At Home Part-Timer
WAHPO- Work At Home Pet Owner (that small, but underappreciated segment)
INUIWAH- I'm Not Unemployed, I Work At Home

© Sharon Davis
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