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A Strong Sense of Who You Are

By Dionna Sanchez

One of the jobs of a mom is to foster a good sense of self in her children. We try to encourage, support and instill self-esteem in their hearts.

But what about you? Do you have a strong sense of who you are? Let's look into that for a minute:

Can you accept it when you are wrong?

Do you feel like you always need to look good?

Do you learn from your mistakes?

Can you tell the difference between what is good and what the world justifies is good?

Do you lie in order to cope with things?

Do you feel you need to prove you are strong?

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Mom, it's time for you to get rid of some of that excess baggage and focus on developing a healthy inner-you.

Once you shed the stress of these unhealthy characteristics, you will feel like new life has breathed into you. And that's how it should be.

© Dionna Sanchez
Dionna Sanchez, Idaho, Email her at Emphasis AT starband DOT net. Visit her website at Dionna is Editor/Publisher of Emphasis On Moms. Emphasis is a ministry for moms focused on encouraging, supporting, inspiring and understanding the balance and warmth needed in the lives of moms. You can get Emphasis once a month by subscribing at no cost - subscribe/Emphasis.


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