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A Quotation Book

By Dionna Sanchez

I started a quotation book right after high school when I was living on my own in Las Vegas, Nevada. I just found so many sayings that I liked, that I started entering them in a small notebook. Soon I started adding poems as well. Little did I know that someday this book would be so useful to me as I wrote for you each month in Emphasis On Moms!

You can start your own quotation book and have it hold meaning for you personally. You can put quotations that reflect how you feel as a mother or a wife. You can enter sayings that reflect your vision for life or your dreams for yourself. As your book becomes full, you can draw upon it as a resource for your family. If your children are having a tough day at school, go to your quotation book and find an appropriate quote that will encourage them. Write it on fancy paper or put it on the back of a photograph. Place it on their bulletin board, pillow or somewhere that will surprise them and lift up their spirits.

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You can pass down your quotation book to your children when they leave the nest or perhaps, start a fresh one for them. Begin the pages of their quotation book with some of your very favorite sayings and watch it become a special resource for your loved ones as well.

Words are everywhere and they have such power to inspire. If you don't savor your favorite encouraging words today, you may never be able to track them down again.

~Dionna Sanchez' favorite poem is by Maya Angelou. She is Editor of Emphasis On Moms at

© Dionna Sanchez
Dionna Sanchez, Idaho, Email her at Emphasis AT starband DOT net. Visit her website at Dionna is Editor/Publisher of Emphasis On Moms. Emphasis is a ministry for moms focused on encouraging, supporting, inspiring and understanding the balance and warmth needed in the lives of moms. You can get Emphasis once a month by subscribing at no cost - subscribe/Emphasis.


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