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A New Start

By Teri Worten

Have you ever heard of the saying that you never get a second chance to make a first impression? Although that may be somewhat true, you do, however, get a second chance to turn your life around. Really! Each fresh, new day provides an opportunity for you to make a new start. Think about it. No matter how horribly you blundered the day before, you can always choose take a new path and make everything better!

So why not take advantage of this precious gift today. Starting tomorow, wake up with these thoughts in mind:

1) Forget about the past and press forward. Give yourself permission to forgive yourself for your mistakes. Release the past and let it go. Erase them from your very being by attacking each negative thought, critisizing reminder or self-defeater thought. Learn from the errors and then move on!

2) Plan for a day of success. Ponder how you will succeed in your new day. Begin to thank God for the pending victories and even think of how you will celebrate your accomplishments that evening. A simple celebratory bubble bath maybe? (You may have to put the kids to bed early, but it can happen!)

3) Pray for strength in your new day. Exchange your strength for God's strength and ask Him to sustain for anything that comes your way. Resolve to put your trust in Him no matter what the enemy throws your way.

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4) Ask for favor in your new day. This I learned from one of my favorite people (yeah, my good buddy, Karen!) Ask God to give you favor with those you will meet. The favor of Joseph (from the Bible) was overwhelming. Regardless of where he was, he always came out on top! People liked him and trusted him regularly. Think of Ruth. She was in the field - minding her own business - when the fellow who owned it noticed her! That's favor!

5) Pray for your little ones. Ask God's protective hand to be with them, pray that ministering angels would encamp around them during the day and pray for their eyes of wisdom to be enlightened as they are in school. Pray that the enemy won't trick them with his traps and snares. Pray that God would manifest Himself in their lives in very personal ways.

So, start you day with a positive attitude. Expect wonderful things to happen, anticipate meeting the right people and walk in loving communion with your God! If you do all of this, you can't lose with the stuff you use!

Go, single mom, Go!

© Teri Worten
Teri Worten is a freelance writer passionate about guiding women toward reaching their fullest potential in Christ. Visit her at


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