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7 Surefire Solutions to Fight Procrastination

By Michelle Rene Garcia

Real estate investors, like so many others, fight the battle with procrastination, but there are steps that one can take to ward off this mighty foe. With procrastination dealt with, your God-given talents can create lasting wealth in one of your most valuable assets, your (real estate) business.


Who doesn't fight the battle with procrastination? Just know that we all fight this devil...the difference truly is in what we do with the problem(s) and how we develop and maintain the persistence to resolve it. Really, this is the only difference.

1. Ownership.

The key is for you to take control because this is your life and your business. Take ownership and realize that it is your responsibility to get the answers you need for your own investing success. This is not someone else's job\u2500it lies squarely on your shoulders. Take up the challenge with the end result in mind. So, the good news is that you're on your way because you are taking steps (such as reading this information).

2. Nike Says "Just Do It" - I would only add "Just Do It Now."

Get started now, where you stand and don't give up. Ever heard the saying that "a bird in the hand is worth two in the bush"? So true. In other words, the things we already have are worth more than the things we hope to get. Until you start you will never get to the "have" part, and you will always be stuck in the "hope to" state. Use your current resources, assets, ideas and contacts and get it going.

(Real Estate Investing) is about leverage.

If you've always thought about investing, then get it going. If you're an experienced investor and you have a project you'd love to do if only... Get rid of the if-only speech and get to the heart of what is stopping you. Pencil it out and see if it makes sense. Who or what would you need to turn it into a reality? I have a friend who is great at reminding me that it is not money we lack but a plan that is required for the endeavor to succeed.

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3. Persistence.

If you have kids you know that the key to teaching them a new skill is to do it over and over and over again. Try to teach a 2 or 3-year-old to tie their shoes. Really, I recommend this to anyone struggling with procrastination and lack of persistence. Find a youngin' and teach them to tie their shoes. The similarities of adult and child responses are amazing. See yourself in their eyes when they are frustrated and want to scream and cry and give up. The success is in the persistence. Sometimes they need a break or to try again tomorrow and the next day and so on until they get it. Eventually they will get it and you will see the pure joy in their eyes. It takes time but is well worth the reward. In the same way, stay at it and you'll get it.

Not every deal will be a home run, but you can only win if you're in the game. You will get frustrated and sometimes need a break, but not a long one. Momentum is an important factor in your success. Get right back at it and it will come. You will impress yourself once you've achieved what you set out to do. I've heard it said that if you are getting depressed or down on yourself, the solution something to impress yourself.

4. Do the most important first, not the most urgent.

To some this doesn't make sense, but I ask you to stop and consider. If you do the quickest thing first, sometimes the most important never gets done. Again, many entrepreneurs and investors struggle with this issue but look to those whom they admire or consider successful. I believe that you will find that they will do whatever it takes to get the most important things done.

5. Surround yourself with a success mindset.

The negative talk, whether from a friend, relative or even a spouse eats away at your drive to succeed. If you are in a position where you have to regularly be exposed to people with a negative mindset, then learn the art of the duck. Let the negative chatter just roll off you like water off a duck's back. Perfect this ability and you will be able to increase your power by sheer persistence and a good attitude.

To some this seems like being untrue to one's self and one's feelings but this is the trap that many fall prey to. Feelings are deceiving and can be manipulated. Remember your true desire. Ask yourself, "What am I trying to accomplish and how will I get there?" Don't let a bad attitude creep in. Remember to always be positive. Sometimes, this is easier said than done, but critical to success as an investor and in life. Keep the end result in mind and look to solid and true sources with integrity for encouragement. Remember Edison and his 10,000 failures before his extraordinary success. His mindset? He figured his chances of success were greatly increased by every failure. He reasoned that he had tried and failed so many times that one very soon would have to succeed just by the sheer odds. Change your mindset to see failure as a laboratory and a teaching tool for your inevitable success.

6. Desire.

"Weak desires bring weak results." Napoleon Hill

In the book, Think and Grow Rich, by the same author, Hill recommends "building a stronger fire under your desires" to fight the battle of a lack of persistence which is the offspring of procrastination.

I recently heard about a story of a man who was struggling with being very overweight. For years he just couldn't get those pounds off yet he hated being overweight. He then learned about a loved one who was very ill and could only be helped by a family member donor. Guess who matched? But the doctors would not allow this surgery, he being the only match in the family, because of his weight condition. They told him the only way he could participate in this lifesaving procedure would be to lose over 50 lbs. Think he did it? Of course he did!

How could he resist the same temptations he so often succumbed to before?
His desire became a strong desire and produced strong results.
He was able to help his loved one, and helping himself just became a byproduct of that desire. What's your desire? Make certain it's a strong one.

7. Have Faith.

Remind yourself of what is truly important. Think about your daily life and how it fares with your short- and long-term goals in terms of investing, family and life. Were today's activities in line with these goals? Where do you draw your strength? We must look outside ourselves and have a faith stronger than any disappointment or failure.

Read inspiring articles and books, scripture and success stories... this will help inspire you and keep you going. Many, many, many of these people have unbelievable stories and obstacles that they have had to overcome. You have your own story and you can do it too. In fact, sometimes the greater the obstacle, the greater the reward will be.

Remember to always keep the big picture in mind when planning your investments, your business and your life. Seek wise counsel and look to the experts for a solid foundation.

© Michelle Rene Garcia
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