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12+ Acts of Kindness for Your Spouse

By Rachel @ Christian Mommies

12+ Acts of Kindness for Your SpouseYou might think, "I do acts of kindness for my spouse every day. The house is clean enough. Dinner gets made. Kids are taken care of. Etc." However, these daily deeds become givens, in that spouses do naturally take each other for granted. Stressful times can highlight this effect. At all times, an unexpected act of kindness can go a long way to boost every one's day.

Here are 12+ Acts of Kindness for Your Spouse to get you started:

1) Does your spouse make their own lunch, coffee, et al? Learn how they like it, learn to make it that way, and make it a surprise.

2) Surprise your spouse with their favorite meal and dessert, or their favorite take out.

3) Has your spouse brought up some activity they want to do over and over, but hasn't stirred up their own initiative? Make the arrangements and take them out on a surprise trip. You could present the tickets or plans in a book on the activity at hand. When looking for the best book on any given subject, I look for forum threads along "best book.." lines on related websites.

4) Speaking of initiative; Is there something you regularly do for your spouse, but you wait until they ask? (Hair cuts and manicures come to mind immediately, but this could also be totally unrelated to pampering!) Ask them if the timing is right.

5) Give your spouse a massage. This one can be dolled up with a massage bar or oil in their favorite scent.

6) Do something on their "put off" list, if you can. Most people have a few to-do's they keep putting off. If one of your spouse's honey do list items is completely within your power to address and you know it'd be a burden off your spouse's shoulders, there's your cue.

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7) What haven't you done since you first fell in love? If your spouse appreciates a little romance, this is an idea to stir up. Lovey-dovey mixed tapes, roses, drawings, letters... what were your acts of romance way back when?

8) Is there some small item or treat they love, but don't tend to buy for themselves? (Mine is Fishermen's Friend lozenges... two loonies!)

9) And then there is a family effort: it doesn't have to be Father's Day to make a big deal about his fatherhood. Everyone in the family could pitch in for an unofficial Father's Day. Ditto for Mother's Day.

10) Like some of the other suggestions, this one is for less territorial spouses: is there a chore your spouse loathes, but does anyway? If they'd appreciate it, mow that lawn or do those dishes.

11) Is there something your spouse has carried more of the burden of lately than you have? Sometimes tasks at hand just "slide" more into one spouses hand, and sometimes this can make a sore spot in the relationship. ("I always end up doing the ___.") If there's a shareable task they are handling the bulk of, give them a break and aim to balance that duty again.

12) Give yourself a politeness check up. Have you been saying "sorry" when you're wrong (plus admitting you're wrong)? Have you been saying "thank you"? Do you say goodbye and hello? Do you or the children rush to the door to meet your spouse? It's easy to get really lax on these things, but on the receiving end it's easy to notice when politeness and the want to engage is lacking.

13) I know a few people who have the goal of making you smile or laugh any time they see you... or their customers any day at work.. or their spouse every single day. Some even extend the kindness to their pets, i.e. kitty gets attention to bring on the purrs every single day. If you have that ability to light up the room or the wittiness to bring LOLs, wield it at home as well!

Feel free to add your own suggestions to our pin, here.

© Rachel


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