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It's a Wonderful (Imperfect) Life by Joan C. Webb

It's a Wonderful (Imperfect) Life by Joan C. Webb arrived at my door at the "perfect" time. My mind was preoccupied with to-do's and drama between friends and family. I was overwhelmed by everything that must get done, and flawlessly done at that. I was also frantically trying to make everyone get along.

Joan taught me so much. That I don't need to have life all together and tied up with a satin bow. That I don't need to control those around me, or fall apart over other people's words and actions. That I can feel wonderful about an imperfect life! Her message took a lot of weight off my shoulders, though I have to remind myself daily of the lessons I learned reading Joan's book.

We all struggle with "inadequate bodies, disappointing relationships, and incomplete spirituality," and it's not our task to be perfect. Nor do we have to be perfect to be content. Only God is perfect. And true contentment is from Him.

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