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When Mothers Pray f r e e bible study and prayer guide by Cheri Fuller

Based on the book "When Mothers Pray," comes a 17-chapter bible study from Cheri Fuller. While best companioned with a copy of "When Mothers Pray," you can still get a lot out of this study right now, even if you haven't got the book yet.

The study will aid you in your quest to dig deeper and gain an even richer understanding of prayer. Start a prayer and study journal while your at it, to have an even more in depth experience. You'll find some tips about starting your prayer journal in this f r e e download.

We have seen the power of prayer at C'moms, and anything to increase our use and appreciation for the amazing gift of communication with our Father - is awesome!

Stay tuned - we will be reviewing the book "When Mothers Pray" in a future edition of the Christian Mommies Ezine! You'll find a link to Cheri Fullers column "Mothering By Heart", featured on C'moms,a wee scroll down in this Ezine.

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