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What A Son Needs From His Mom by Cheri Fuller

*This book was sent to me by the publisher for review.

In Cheri Fuller's new book "What A Son Needs From His Mom" she strikes, yet again (her book Mother-Daughter Duet comes to mind), the gold vein of thoughtful mothering, that ultimately puts the reigns in God's hands. It is prime reading for mothers of sons who want to polish their parenting style. Cheri digs into the essentials when it comes to raising a son. The essentials that most stand out to me being moms praying for their sons and sowing the seeds of faith in Jesus Christ in each boy's life. The honesty that you cannot control your children's faith or lack of now or when they are grown, and to turn this over to God, is also refreshing. She also shares much wisdom, from experience, in regards to encouraging and connecting with sons. I don't see how a mother of sons could read "What A Son Needs From His Mom" without multiple new insights.

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