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VeggieConnections Curriculum

Okay, all of you VeggieTales fans out there, hold onto your seats. There is n0w a VeggieConnections 52-week curriculum! It encompasses 48 weekly lessons and 4 holiday lessons for New Years, Easter, Thanksgiving and Christmas. There are eight weekly lessons and a unit verse for each of the six units that teach about faith, communication, love, trust, time and joy. The kit includes a leader's guide, CD's with music and puppet tracks (and foam Bob and Larry puppets to go with it), CD-ROM with program graphics and more, DVD containing 348 minutes of introduction video clips for each lesson, VeggieTales Bible Dictionary, posters, coloring books and "Bob & Lary's Clues to Good News" outreach booklets.

Included in the leader's guide is a planning calendar, details on how to customise the curriculum and how to provide training. Each lesson starts with a welcome, Veggie Connection, God Connection, Activity Connection (you are given several options for crafts and games to choose from to fulfil your needs), Kid Connection and the Prayer Connection. As much as kids love the VeggieTales and with the flexibility this program provides, I think this curriculum is sure to be a hit!

© Amy
Amy lives in Ohio with her husband, two beautiful children, and a couple slobbery "fur babies".


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