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Theodora's Baby by Penny Culliford

"Theodora's Baby" is the third book in a generally light-hearted and funny series revolving around the life and adventures of Theodora, a young Christian woman residing in England. When I first started out, the language differences threw me for a minute, before I realized the setting of the story was other than the United States. The story is written in diary form and spans the first year of Theodora's married life.

This particular novel in the series starts out with the return of Theodora and her husband, Kevin, from their honeymoon. Theodora expresses how her husband irrationally feels threatened by her diary and shows his disdain for her continuing to write in it. However, they come to an agreement and the story moves on to her new position as a sahw, not counting her one-day a week job as the secretary of her church, her family and friends, and her new "condition," acquired during the honeymoon.

While there are many laughs throughout this year of Theodora's life, there are also some very serious moments. Likely one of the greatest struggles in the life of any Christian is loving those people who just aren't very loveable, and that is a challenge faced by Theodora in "Theodora's Baby."

While "Theodora's Baby" can be read by itself, if "Theodora's Diary" and "Theodora's Wedding" are written as entertainingly, they would be worth worth getting your hands on as well.

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Amy lives in Ohio with her husband, two beautiful children, and a couple slobbery "fur babies".


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