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The Wide-eyed Wonder Years by Lorilee Craker

Well, I think the title well describes the preschool years. Every phase of childrearing has its challenges. Looking back on the past couple years, my son has learned so much, socially and intellectually. Nothing in this life is perfect and I think sometimes we tend to get overwhelmed and focused on what is going wrong instead of enjoying the good stuff and everything that is going right.

There are some helpful tidbits in The Wide-eyed Wonder Years to help ease the stress we sometimes feel as moms of preschoolers. I'm sure there isn't a mom out there who hasn't heard some surprising, albeit honest, things from the mouth of her child. It happens, but we always hope it won't happen within the earshot of others. Then there is the social aspect of the preschool years, sharing and playing nicely with others. Sometimes it is difficult to determine if or when to intervene. What about the phases of picky eating, being scared of the dark/bad dreams and separation anxiety. Although very typical, it doesn't make it any easier for the parents when it is happening with their child. However, the most important topic covered in this book is that mommy needs to take care of herself and her relationship with her husband.

I like that each chapter ends with "Fun Things" so as to finish each topic on an upbeat note. The book can easily be read from cover to cover or by picking and choosing the chapters that deal with the situations you currently face.

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Amy lives in Ohio with her husband, two beautiful children, and a couple slobbery "fur babies".


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