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The Way of the Wilderking by Jonathan Rogers

"The Way of the Wilderking" is the third book in a trilogy about Aidan Errolson and his companion(s), the inhabitants of the island on his homeland & surrounding kingdoms, and the prophecy that seems to follow him everywhere. This prophecy says the Wilderking will come from the forest and swamp with wild men, believed to be the Feechies from Feechiefen, and take control of the oppressed Corenwald kingdom.

Unbeknownst to Aidan, and much to his dismay when he finds out, unhappy Corenwald citizens have formed a resistance group called the Aidanites. Most of the Corenwald kingdom, including the king, believes the group was created by its namesake. The loyal hero has a lot on his plate throughout the entire story. He is hunted by the reigning King Darrow and his troops because of his alleged treason, which also puts his family and friends at risk. Additionally, the mistaken resistance hounds poor Aidan, trying to force him to accept the role revealed in the prophecy, no matter how much Aidan rejects it.

Whether read by itself or with the other two books in this trilogy, "The Way of the Wilderking" is an enjoyable, action-filled story that will keep both adults and children entertained. The hero of the story has all the traits you'd expect, loyalty, love, compassion and kindness, to name a few. I've reserved, from the library, the first two books in the trilogy to read as well, "The Bark of the Bog Owl" and "The S ecret of the Swamp King."

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Amy lives in Ohio with her husband, two beautiful children, and a couple slobbery "fur babies".


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