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The Purity Code by Jim Burns

The Purity Code has 4 key points: 1) Honour God with your body, 2) Renew your mind for the good, 3) Turn your eyes from worthless things, and 4) Guard your heart. It's meant to be read by, and ideally along with, your preteen/teen to help them develop a lifelong, healthy sexuality.

The author explains that sex was created by God and is a good thing, in His context of it being sacred between a man and his wife. He also explains why God wants us all to flee sexual immorality, and what that includes. He delves into changes in puberty, the touchy topic of masturbation (similar to our article here), porn and sex in media, lust and fantasy. His approach on dating is similar to Courtship.

My absolute favourite idea from Jim Burns is "Radical Respect," to treat all members of the opposite sex as sibling in Christ, not as sexual objects. Given serious thought, your child can set a standard for both his/her teen years, and for a fulfilling marriage in the future.

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