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The Great American Supper Swap: Solving the Busy Woman's Family Dinnertime Dilemma by Trish Berg

You may be familiar with Trish Berg, as a columnist at C'Moms, and as a busy mom like you. Her new book "The Great American Supper Swap" is all about an innovative idea to make mealtime much easier for moms. It's based on Trish and her friend's experiences in a supper swapping group.

"The Great American Supper Swap" is the complete guide to starting and maintaining a super-swapping group with your friends, mom group, neighbors, family,... whomever you're interested in swapping with.

It goes something like this: Say you already have a moms group of 6 women. You'd all get together one evening and plan kid-friendly meals for the next month, each woman being assigned one day of the week to cook for every family in the group. When your day of the week comes up, you'd cook 6x the usual amount, and then deliver those meals to your friends. The other 5 days, dinner would be delivered to you. Day 7's meal could be leftovers or restaurant fare.

In other words, for a couple hours, once a week, you'd have to think about dinner. The rest of the week, you'd have time for something else between the hours of 4-6PM. Supper swapping saves time and money (thanks to the buying in bulk nature of having to cook one dinner recipe per week), and it can bond you for life with the friends you swap with.

As an added bonus, Trish has included her group's favorite recipes toward the back of the book!

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