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The Embrace of a Father compiled by Wayne Holmes

The Embrace of a Father shares heart-warming life stories from many Christian writers, including Tracie Peterson.

These compelling stories reflect on the greatest moments in these authors lives in regard to the influence and lessons their (or other) fathers modelled. Each story also bears witness to aspects of our Father above.

As I read through these stories it was therapeutic in many ways. I was reminded of wonderful "daddy moments" in my own childhood, and the stories also stirred up much adoration for our Heavenly Daddy. Whether you've had both dads, or just the later, the subjects are reminders of God's teaching, protection, caring, instructing, and blessing of His children.

One story that stood out to me was about a little girl getting up on stage to read her poem, and that her father didn't even take notice to stumbled words or looks of pity from other parents. He was just so proud of his daughter. It's hard for me to imagine God being proud of anything I do, but that something so simple could provoke such feelings from an earthly father who loves his child, how much more for our Heavenly Father? I felt comforted by these stories, rather like a bear hug from dad.

A great Fathers Day gift idea!

© Rachel


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