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The Busy Mom's Ultimate Fitness Guide by Cathy Moxley

I believe that, if you are ready to take your health seriously, this fitness guide is the book for you. Cathy is absolutely positive and encouraging throughout its entirety and offers different levels of workouts for each unique woman to pick out what is best for her.

The first section of the book focuses on preparing and changing yourself to make a lifelong commitment to fitness. There are no short-term goals here. The five steps in preparing yourself, which are covered in the book, are: thinking about it, deciding to do it, making a plan for it, actually doing it, and then maintaining it. You will find helpful tips to adjust your mindset, keep your priorities straight and set and maintain your goals.

Once you have covered that very important process, Cathy dives right in to educate you on the basics of fitness. The basics are cardiovascular endurance/aerobic fitness, muscular strength, muscular endurance, flexibility, and body composition.

Next comes planning your exercise routine to include aerobic exercise, resistance training and stretching. All three have a chapter devoted to explaining their ins and outs, in a very beginner-friendly way.

Four different fitness plans are outlined to make your routine planning easier. You can start with the very bare bones plan or move on ahead to a more advanced one, if you have previously been more physically active. There are no time frames as to when to move on to the next plan, so you can keep your current one indefinitely. There is no pressure to keep moving on to the subsequent levels.

The book is rounded out with tips for the special challenges of stay-at-home, working, prenatal and postpartum moms, as well as hints for dealing with fatigue. "The Busy Mom's Ultimate Fitness Guide" is a very informative book that gets you ready to go, and motivates you on to better health and fitness.

© Amy
Amy lives in Ohio with her husband, two beautiful children, and a couple slobbery "fur babies".


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